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Came across this on the Internet.

It sounds like an interesting firmware hack for old Canon digital cameras to make them do everything from shoot raw photos to manually control most of the camera functions. Sounds like it will even shoot high-speed video.

Definitely an interesting way to mess around with some of these early digital cameras.

Can't say for sure it would be good for your camera, but it almost sounds like a digital Lomography sort of approach.

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I tried this a while back on some powershot. It worked easily enough. Loved getting raw images from a my point and shoot. I would recommend it for sure. If you want it gone, format the card and its gone.
I have an old one floating around somewhere -- how much time did it take to set up and what kind of image quality were you getting in the raw files?
It didn't take long. Just had to have the right files for the camera. The quality wasn't an amazing improvement, but the flexibility was very nice. Squeezing the most out of the 3 megapixel sensor by not compressing the image to a jpeg is a plus.



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