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Are any of you members of the above group? You can find out about the group on

Use the zip code (36203) for Oxford and you will find information about this group. I have joined this group and we are going to the Birmingham Zoo on August 1 to meet up and take pictures. I have yet to go a a discussion meeting, but I am looking forward to meeting members on this trip. Send me a message for more information.

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I'm not a member, but would love to see some of their work. Does the club have a site or online photo hosting like Flickr where we can see some of the photos?

Also, what does it take to join? Do you have to be invited or is it an open club?
They do have some photos posted on the meetup site. You can view those. They two shoots that they have done so far is Noccalula Falls is Gadsden and Callaway Gardens. Would love to see you join the group.
Sounds great. Who do I need to contact?
You can join thru the website. Just search from groups in Anniston/Oxford (36201/36203) and you will see several groups that are available in this area. You just join from the Calhoun County Photography. Do you think you might be able to make the zoo shoot on Saturday, August, 1?
I'm hoping to make it to the zoo.
Hope to see you there. Do you think anyone else on the board would be interested?
I joined the group and hope to make the trip to the zoo. My wife, Jana -- also a Bama Scenes member, will probably also be coming.
Look forward to meeting you there.
I had a nice time at the zoo. It was good to meet everyone. I should have some pics loaded tonight.
I look foward to seeing the shots that you took. I should have few loaded by tonight as well.
I'm from Anniston and am looking for photographers who are wanting to get together for excursions. Anyone interested email me at



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