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Ning changing and the future of BamaScenes

Ning, our hosting site, is doing away with all their free hosting -- sites like Bama Scenes.
We would like to keep the site up, and the minimal level for the Ning paid sites is affordable ...
But, we don't know how much of the site will still be supported under the new format.

My thought is to leave things on Ning and go with the minimum hosting and see how it works for us. If it does not provide the functionality that we have now, there are other options for hosting our site that we are looking into -- one of them would mean coding our own site -- not too hard to do, but would take some time and effort for Matt and myself.

Before we do anything, though, we would like to hear from our members. I feel this is a worthwhile project to keep going and am willing to make the effort if you all think we should.

Please let us know what you consider essential for the site, what you like and don't like and whether you would like to see Bama Scenes continue.


Graham Hadley,
site administrator

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Comment by Joseph Daniel on May 8, 2010 at 9:23am
Graham, I really enjoy BamaScenes, and I hope you will be able to continue it in some format. Thank you for keeping us informed.


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